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Copyright © 2011 Global Aid Direct. All Rights Reserved.
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Copyright © 2011 Global Aid Direct. All Rights Reserved.
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Whenever disaster strikes, our concern is to “give a man a fish” in the form of providing emergency sanctuary and lifesaving assistance that includes first-Aid Medicine, food, shelter and clothing including delivering critical medical and public health services, and providing water, and environmental sanitation services that will help him overcome the disaster.
Global Aid Direct is a leading publicly supported non-profit, charity, relief, and community development organization dedicated to seeking the welfare of people affected by poverty, disaster, civil and political unrest. Established in 1980 and tax-exempt in 2004, Global Aid Direct is a 501C 3 with decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience, meaning that we provide the most value and innovative services to the needy. We address issues that affect the quality of life by joining others in seeking solutions to persistent and stubborn social and economic problems; promoting the development of fuller human potential and achievement of self-sufficiency. 

We help the Under-served, Disadvantaged, Disaster and non-Disaster population as well as those uprooted by war and violence help themselves. It is our believe that, “if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day., if you teach him to fish you feed him for life and if you give him access to a river you empower him to feed his community for generation”. 
As situation improves, “we teach him to fish” in the form of replacing the emergency assistance with training and community development programs and provide essential materials resources and/or supplies and the technical know-how that will enable him restore his shatter life. As he's Strengthen 
As his life is been rebuild, we “give him access to a river” in the form of providing access to livelihoods and basic social services through broad-based market-led economic growth, community services and infrastructural development  activities that will empower him to sustain him and his community for generation.  
Global Aid Direct operates programs that demonstrate  tangible outcomes commensurate with the resources invested. Programs are high  quality and well regarded. Global Aid Direct utilizes program evaluation results to  inform its strategic goals. Global Aid Direct is working on setting mechanisms for assessing internal and external factors that affect achievement of goals. 

Global Aid Direct's Board of Directors is engaged and representative, with defined governance practices. The board effectively oversees the policies, programs, and organizational operations including review of achievement of strategic goals, financial status, and chief executive officer performance. Global Aid Direct is accomplished at recruiting, developing, and retaining capable staff and technical resources. Global Aid Direct's leadership is alert to changing community needs and realities. 

Global Aid Direct has efficient and effective operations, and strong management support systems. Financial operations are responsibly managed and reflect sound accounting principles. Global Aid Direct utilizes information effectively. for organizational and project management purposes. Assets, risk, and technology management are strong and appropriate to Global Aid Direct's purposes.

Global Aid Direct fight to secure support from a variety of sources to ensure that Global Aid Direct's revenues are diversified, stable, and sufficient for its mission and goals. The resource development plan is aligned with the mission,long-term goals, and strategic direction. Global Aid Direct has high visibility with key board members and staffs, and links clear, strategic messages to its resource development efforts. 

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Protecting Dignity, Providing Hope, Economic and Educational Opportunities.