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Copyright © 2011 Global Aid Direct. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2011 Global Aid Direct. All Rights Reserved.
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The structure and mandate of Global Aid Direct are defined by the Article of Incorporation under which it is incorporated, any special purposes and articles governing its mandate, the letters patent, the bylaws, and its governance policies enacted under the authority of the by-laws.

Our work around the world is defined by our Governance Management Policy, the exercise of authority, direction and control of Global Aid Direct in order to ensure its purpose is achieved. It refers to who is in charge of what; who sets the direction and the parameters within which the direction is to be pursued; who makes decisions about what; who sets performance indicators, monitors progress and evaluates results; and, who is accountable to whom for what. Our Governance Management Policy includes the structures, responsibilities and processes that the board of Global Aid Direct uses to direct and manage its general operations. These structures, processes and organizational traditions determine how authority is exercised, how decisions are taken, how stakeholders have their say and how decision makers are held to account.
Global Aid Direct has three  principal structures or organs, that help direct, manage and implement its programs and activities: 

The Board of Directors
The Resources Mobilization Office 
The Aid Coordination Office 

The Board is the highest decision making body of the organization. It appraises and gives final approval of all major decisions reached by the Resources Mobilization Office or an Aid Coordination Office including funding a program in respect to their operations in accordance with the policy of Global Aid Direct, provided such decisions are in agreement with the realization of Global Aid Direct principles and objectives as contain in its organizing document and project document as well as donor specifications. 
As the administrative arm of the organization, the Resources Mobilization Office plan strategies and undertake appropriate programs to adequately mobilize needed financial, material and human resources of maximum benefit to execute Global Aid Direct objectives and purposes, establish and maintain Aid Coordination Offices in Global Aid Direct mission areas. Principal staff of the Resources Mobilization Office includes

The President and Chief Executive Officer
The Program Development Specialist,
The Budget and Finance Manager,
The Director of Training, Research and Manpower Development  
The Director of Administration/Personnel, Donor Relations Grants and Gifts
The Aid Coordination Offices is the program implementation arm of Global Aid Direct. It is responsible for the organization local operations, including the accomplishment of projects activities and services in a Global Aid Direct program country. This is conducted in pursuance to the policies and objectives as contain in the by-laws and articles of incorporation. The Aid Coordination Office evaluates the humanitarian needs in Global Aid Direct program areas of operation per request and/or needs of at-risk population and transforms findings into a written project and/or program document for submission to headquarters or the Resources Mobilization Office for funding solicitation. The Aid Coordination Office consists of the following key personnel; Country Director, Project Officer, Finance Officer, Administrative Officer and Logistics Officer. Other key personnel are hired per donor or project requirement.
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