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​Help Us Make A Difference In The Lives Of The Poor, Less Fortunate, Under-Privileged And The Disadvantaged By Interning Or Volunteering Your Services With Global Aid Direct. Your Expertise Will Help Us Save More Lives.
Global Aid Direct – Helping People Reach  Their Highest Potential
Internship With Global Aid Direct

If you have the skills and requisite qualification, Global Aid Direct would like you to intern with us. This decision will allow you the opportunity to join our global team of highly skilled public-spirited professionals whose passion and mission is to deliver rapid, high-impact programming in emergency and non-emergency situation to achieve inspiring and dramatic change for the poor and underprivileged. 

Not all educators teach a student in the classroom everything he or she needs to know in order to be successful in the professional world. Application of knowledge and skills such as solid work habits, workplace protocol, social instincts, adaptability, and creativity are learned through experience in a professional environment. Internships with Global Aid Direct are a valuable training because they combine the professional environment with the classroom structure and support. Students are guided by experienced staff to accomplish specific learning objectives through thought-provoking assignments that encourage further growth and development while they gain valuable experience in the professional field. Global Aid Direct Internships truly function as a link between academic learning and real-life experience. As a development nonprofit organization, our internship program helps students link learning and life. 
Global Aid Direct is a nonprofit development organization Caring for people threaten by severe hardship and/or poverty and those victimized by political instability and natural disaster. An internship with Global Aid Direct helps the organization in this direction. An internship with Global Aid Direct is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom, enables the student to gain practical experience as a professional under conditions conducive to educational development. Global Aid Direct internship program introduces the student to the transition from college to work and helps facilitate that transition. Furthermore, Global Aid Direct internship experience allows the student to network in professional fields they are considering for career paths, allows an opportunity for personal professional development, and gives Global Aid Direct the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent. During the internship students have the opportunity to apply theory to practice. Students work with the staff of Global Aid Direct to develop a meaningful experience in their areas of interest. 
Our internship program seeks to provide closely monitored, project-driven professional and practical experience for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students interested in contributing to substantive Global Aid Direct projects and initiatives. Important networking opportunities are also provided through participation in orientations and trainings that will include information on Global Aid Direct’s mission, vision, and where individuals from within the organization will share more in-depth information on certain programs. Global Aid Direct Internship Program offers eligible/qualified students at both headquarters and country offices the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in Global Aid Direct's work under the direct supervision of experienced Global Aid Direct staff.
Under Global Aid Direct regulations, no remuneration is offered to Interns. Also, such individuals cannot be relatives of staff members of Global Aid Direct. Internships are normally for a specific period of time and individuals can only participate once as an Intern. They should be engaged in a course of study (normally at the Undergraduate, Graduate or Post-graduate level) related to Global Aid Direct work.
Interns must confirm in writing that they, or their sponsor, will meet all expenses for travel and subsistence and that they have adequate health insurance coverage, whether their assignment is in the United States or in another country. Global Aid Direct does not provide Interns and Volunteers with medical insurance. The coverage of medical expenses resulting from work-related accidents is also not the responsibility of the Global Aid Direct. The organization does not process requests for visas for such assignments. Interns who would like to serve in a country other than the one where they are domiciled should inquire what visa is required by the country where they intend to undertake the internship.
Although not required for a successful internship, bilingual applicants would be quite useful in implementing Global Aid Direct programs. Generally, it is best if the individual has a good working knowledge of the language of the country where they will serve. 
Internships at Global Aid Direct are on an on-going basis and are offered throughout the year, depending on the availability of meaningful assignments and the needs and capacity of units/offices to receive and supervise interns. There is no deadline for sending in your application form. 
Global Aid Direct internship program will enhance the intern's educational experience through practical work and/or research, along with providing the host division at Global Aid Direct field office/duty station with able assistance in various specialized professional fields. 
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