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To help us confirm the receipt of your gift, please send an e-mail to info@globalaiddirect.org with the donation amount and/or item name, description and your current contact information (name, address, e-mail address and phone). 
Your gift of any of these vehicles will make a difference in the life of someone. Turn your compassion into creative and concrete action.
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Or You Can
Please Donate Now
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Your gift of a car will help someone in need.
Please Donate Now
Or You Can
Please Donate Now
Or You Can
Efficient transport is a vital component of economic development, globally and nationally. Transport availability affects global development patterns and can be a boost or a barrier to economic growth within individual nations.

In some communities in our nation and developing countries, lack of access to transportation is a major barrier to living, learning and working. 

Barriers to transportation can reveal the extent to which poor people have problems that either singly or in combination interfere with participating in training programs, complying with new rules, and, ultimately, getting jobs, keeping jobs, and increasing wages. Many poor people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, may also simultaneously face several barriers to social services including lack of transportation due to affordability, and spatial mismatch. 

In many developing countries, roads and highways are the dominant mode of transport. Road-based transport typically accounts for more than 80% of the distance traveled by individuals and more than 50% of the distance traveled by goods. Consequently, roads and highways form a crucial backbone to any economy by seamlessly linking up people and goods to their respective schools, clinics, hospitals and markets, which in turn improves economic efficiency and reduces poverty. 

Global Aid Direct believes that access to affordable transportation for low-income workers, elderly residents, and children makes the trip to work, school, and medical appointments possible. It fosters self-sustainability, promotes independence, and permits spending on other household essentials. 

Based on these transportation challenges faced by some of our local communities and developing countries, sustainable solutions are needed. Donating a car to Global Aid Direct to help meet the needs of those most in need is one of the solutions.  

If you are thinking of selling or trading in that Bus, car, truck, Trailer, motorcycle, Motor-home, Van ,SUV, RV, boat, Jet Ski, Snowmobile, Forklift, Heavy Equipment, Tractor, etc., we ask that you donate it to Global Aid Direct instead.  As a charitable contribution your donation could make a big difference in the life of someone.  

You might think of your vehicle as nothing more than a "junk car", but to our car donation program, it can help bring hope, strength and joy back into the life of someone. We offer a convenient alternative to selling or trading in your automobile, and we accept all vehicle donations whether they are running or not! We'll pick up your car donation when it's most convenient, at home or work. We issue you with an IRS tax receipt for your records.

​Your car donation is sincerely appreciated. Just fill out the simple donation form and when you are finished hit "Submit" to donate your car. Within 24 hours one of our partner professional towing companies will contact you to make arrangements to pick up your vehicle.

The towing company will leave you a towing receipt showing your vehicle was picked-up on behalf of Global Aid Direct. Once we have received your vehicle and title, we will mail your tax-deductible donation receipt.

If you are uncomfortable about handing your title to the tow truck driver, you can make prior arrangements by sending us an email at info@globalaiddirect.org

To start the process, fill out our easy online car donation form and we will schedule a pick up.
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Please Donate Now
Your gift of a school bus will help someone in need.
Your gift of a Pick-Up truck will help someone in need.
Your gift of a Transport bus will help someone in need.
Your gift of a Tractor trailer will help someone in need.
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