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Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability. Although there has been great progress in the last decade—many more children attend schools and girls’ education has markedly improved—many low-income countries remain off track. Global Aid Direct recognizes that people’s knowledge and skills help lift them out of poverty and drive development, and it encourages countries and communities to invest early because foundational skills acquired early help lifelong learning, smartly in efforts proven to improve learning, and for all, focusing not only on privileged but on all students. 
Global Aid Direct support to education sustains innovative and effective educational programs that deliver skills and knowledge to the communities in urban and rural areas, increase children’s enrollment and attendance rate by improving the quality of education and promoting community participation through training programs; Promote school feeding projects to increase children enrollment and attendance, establish school garden, and provide materials, tools and support to encourage the teaching of agriculture and computer science; Establish and promote scholarship programs, children library, preparatory, elementary, secondary, vocational/technical schools, colleges and universities assistance programs, including faculty compensation, teacher training, workshops, students’ tuition, books and other academic programs to improve the quality of education; Promote services related to education in public, private and vocational schools hold and/or sponsor conferences, seminars and workshops on teaching and curriculum planning, provide interested schools with professional teaching skills and classroom management methods, renovate and construct public, refugee and displaced people camp dilapidated schools; and Contribute to an existing educational institution that provides instructions, and training to individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their capabilities.
Global Aid Direct believes that unlike uneducated children who are more easily recruited to serve, both informally and formally, as combatants in war ravage countries and much more likely to face economic and/or sexual exploitation, educated youth are able to acquire skills that ensure employment and economic security, and develop critical thinking skills necessary to become future leaders and take an active role in a community. To complement the efforts of organizations already providing assistance in this area. 
Special emphasis is given to the under-served segment within the local communities, particularly girls. Large funding is placed in initiating programs addressing key issues which reflect community-wide needs and which show promise of effecting systemic changes and impacting quality of services; and commissioning studies designed to gather information pertaining to particular community needs.
Protecting Dignity, Providing Hope, Economic and Educational Opportunities.