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It is estimated that about one half of the world’s inhabitants are at risk from threat of diseases that engulfs the world. Our health program is defined by its focus on prevention and on the health of populations, and individuals. It takes a systematic approach to problem solving that includes reviewing evidence (data) to determine the existence, scope and magnitude of a problem, and it uses models and theories to explain the rationale behind its interventions. 

In implementing our health program, we believe that Social, cultural, and economic conditions have a significant measurable effect on health status and illness prevention. Illness related behavior, whether perceived or actual, frequently disrupt personal or family equilibrium and coping abilities. Medical treatment alone is often incomplete and occasionally impossible to render without accompanying social support(s) and counseling services. Problems of fragmentation, access, and appropriate utilization of health services are sufficiently endemic to any health care system, community planning as well as institutional innovations. Multiprofessional health team collaboration on selected individual and community health problems is one of our effective approach to solving complex social/medical problems.
Improve health services by initiating and promoting projects related to hygiene, sanitary facilities, water supply improvements, health information and nutrition education campaigns,
Improve access to medical assistance in rural and urban areas, such as improving delivery of services, upgrading of medical centers and staff development, and work to improve the health of the most disadvantaged, particularly, children and women,
Assist families on proper nutrition and health care, organize health education campaign, and assist counterparts, health care organizations, and community health groups in their efforts to support family planning programs
Up-grade the capacities of rural clinics and health centers to serve as referral centers, i.e. pre-natal services, labor and deliveries, support the diversification of essential drugs to hospital, clinics and community health centers.
Promote health-related campaigns to educate villagers about simple home health care practices that would help prevent diseases that causes malaria, boils diarrhea, jaundice, dysentery, pneumonia, polis, smallpox, gonorrhea and many more
We strive to change health behavior by working within multiple spheres of influence at the same time. For example, we increase the knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy of low-income individuals to adopt healthy nutrition habits through demonstrations and classes.
our health program involves the provision of medical services ranging from the construction and/or rehabilitation, or renovation of hospitals, clinics, and rural community health centers, to providing medical supplies and equipment, pharmaceuticals and conducting health care awareness and training programs.
Protecting Dignity, Providing Hope, Economic and Educational Opportunities.