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$5 saves a child. $10 educates him
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One of Global Aid Direct’s goals is to help find solutions that will allow refugees to rebuild their lives in dignity and peace once they return home.
In early post-emergency phases, Global Aid Direct first launched Reintegration and Quick-impact Programs to focus on “the most urgent needs.
With the proliferation of conflicts globally, the issue of refugee resettlement continues to hold relevance for policy makers, humanitarians and human rights activists alike. 
The aftermath of wars or other disasters usually leave schools and school systems devastated both physically and in terms of human resources. 
Before, during and after an emergency, children may become separated from their families or adult next of kin in a variety of ways. 
The past few decades have witnessed a world-wide increase in the frequency, spread and intensity of conflicts which has resulted in a large increase in refugee population.
While hundreds of children are forced to join arm groups thousands more are separated, abducted or orphaned by disasters particularly those caused by war. Global Aid Direct strive to unite children with their families.
While awaiting reunification, children receiving family tracing services are provided temporary care arrangements until reunification can be accomplished. 
Sexual and gender-based violence is a violation of human rights. This kind of violence perpetuates the stereotyping of gender roles that denies human dignity. 
It may be difficult to understand, but millions of people spend decades in refugee camps, unable to return home. Resettlement in another country is often an option for these distress people.
Protecting Dignity, Providing Hope, Economic and Educational Opportunities.