Project Location: North America
Project Description 
Barriers to employment can reveal the extent to which poor people have problems that either singly or in combination interfere with participating in training programs, complying with new rules, and, ultimately, getting jobs, keeping jobs, and increasing wages. Many poor people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, may also simultaneously face several barriers to employment including lack of transportation due to affordability, and spatial mismatch. Access to transportation by low-income individuals and families is limited as the majority of low-income households reside in rural areas and central cities, while basic amenities are increasingly located in the suburbs. With new jobs emerging further and further away from central cities, many low-income workers often have difficulty accessing jobs, training and other services such as childcare because of inadequate transportation. In addition, many minimum wage jobs require working evening or weekend hours, but traditional transportation systems often do not serve their routes during these times. Access to affordable transportation for low-income workers, elderly residents, and children makes the trip to work, school, and medical appointments possible. It fosters self-sustainability, promotes independence, and permits spending on other household essentials. Given these benefits, Global Aid Direct demonstrates that affordable access to transportation is indispensable by initiating Medical Appointment Transportation Assistance, Ride to School, and Job Interview/Training Transportation Assistance and car Ownership programs.
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$5 saves a child. $10 educates him
Project Title: Transpiration Support Services For  Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) Families
Project Component 1
A Ride to School Transportation Assistance

In some communities, lack of access to transportation is a major barrier to living, learning and working. We consistently hear this message from the many people who on a daily basis have to walk their children to school and those school children who always run late because they are a little distance away from their schools. This program breaks that gap by providing specialized transportation services.
Project Component 3
Low Income Families Car Ownership Program

Car ownership can be a solution to many transportation challenges facing working families. Research has shown that a parent with a car is more likely to be employed and to work more hours than a parent without a car. A reliable automobile can provide parents with access to a greater array of employment opportunities. Also, having access to a car can mitigate some of the scheduling complications that arise in child care arrangements, doctor’s appointments among others. This program helps income-eligible working people obtain affordable, reliable, and safe vehicles and that the lack of a car does not stand in the way of their ability to become economically self-sufficient.  
Project Component 2
Medical Appointment Transportation Assistance

Service providers have long viewed the absence of transportation resources as a barrier to care. Specifically, inadequate access to transportation may also result in increased hospitalizations and complications from neglected health needs and gaps in care. This is particularly true when a child, cannot make his doctor appointment because his parent doesn’t own a car and/or the parent cannot afford the fare for public transportation.This program breaks that gap by providing specialized transportation services.
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Please Donate   
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