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Protecting Dignity, Providing Hope, Economic and Educational Opportunities.

We encourage you to give to Global Aid Direct so we can continue to seek the welfare of people affected by hardship and poverty. By donating to Global Aid Direct, you’re joining our fight against poverty, to respond to desperate needs and to defined dignity, provide hope, economic and educational opportunities to the needy worldwide.

Turn your compassion into creative and concrete action
You can feel confident knowing that 95 cent of every dollar donated supports Global Aid Direct’s lifesaving programs. The remaining 5 cent goes to fundraising and administrative costs. 
If you make a donation you are not just contributing the value of your dollar, but helping to save peoples and communities most in need.
To continue helping communities and people in need Global Aid Direct depends on you to make this happen. Specifically, your monthly commitment//donation will help us:

  • Make A Difference In the Lives of People
  • Educate a child
  • ​Harden the Power of the Poor 
  • ​Help people cope with and solve issues in their everyday lives
  • ​Help improve the social and psychological functioning of children and families
  • ​Empower Women – The Secret Weapon to Fighting Poverty
  • ​Save Individuals and Families in the Poorest Communities in the World
  • ​Build Healthy Bodies and Brains
  • ​Save lives – No Matter How Difficult
  • ​Deliver emergency aid when disaster strikes
  • Provide psychosocial support to individuals, families, or vulnerable populations so they can protect themselves against and/or cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS
You can also donate other items lik::
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