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Protecting Dignity, Providing Hope, Economic and Educational Opportunities.

Reduce poverty, improve the quality of life and access to livelihoods and basic social services through broad-based market-led economic growth, community services and infrastructural development.

Public trust in our performance is the bedrock of our legitimacy. Donors and volunteers support Global Aid Direct because they trust us to carry out their missions, to be good stewards of their resources, and to uphold rigorous standards of conduct. To earn this trust, the organization demonstrates its commitment to the core values of integrity, honesty, fairness, openness, respect, and responsibility. 

Bring a sense of normalcy to crisis and non-crisis situation by empowering indigenous relief/development efforts that provide unique and enriching opportunities that connect diverse groups and ensure preparedness for sustainability. To accomplish this, we: 

Deliver relief in emergencies
Strengthen capacity for self-help
Provide economic opportunity
Influence policy decisions at all levels
Address discrimination in all its forms

Copyright © 2011 Global Aid Direct. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2011 Global Aid Direct. All Rights Reserved.
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Global Aid Direct makes a difference in peoples lives. The organization seeks to strengthen both trade and economic links, and at the same time promotes poverty alleviation programs that help reduce diseases and other human sufferings. Our programs help people and communities faced with poor health, food insecurity, low aspirations, limited educational attainment, nonexistent infrastructure or unfavorable living condition, homelessness, and social isolation amongst others.
Global Aid Direct plays a central role in shaping patterns of mobility and poverty through employment creation, product and process innovation, philanthropic activity, community service, the adaption or reinforcement of individual aspirations and social norms. 
In its mission to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world, Global Aid Direct’s programs work to ensure that vulnerable populations have reliable access to life saving necessities. 

Global Aid Direct is an organization with unique programming approaches. We provide assistance in  food security, agriculture, education, Health, economic empowerment (especially in women), Human Settlement or social protection, Food and Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Disaster Relief or emergency response, infrastructure development amongst others. 
Global Aid  Direct Logical Core
The organization cares for people threaten by severe hardship and poverty and those victimized by political instability and natural disasters. Global Aid Direct was founded in recognition of complex interdependent issues affecting the quality of life to address global concerns by joining others in seeking solutions to pervasive and stubborn social and economic problems; promoting the development of fuller human potential and achievement of self-sufficiency.
Complemented with public outreach Global Aid Direct programs aim at extending the fruits of its work to the broader community, at raising awareness of its mission and vision and of stimulating practical activity that builds on people’s effort to escape from persistent poverty and socioeconomic mobility.
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