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Global Aid Direct internship program seeks to provide closely monitored, project-driven professional and practical experience for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students interested in contributing to substantive Global Aid Direct programs and initiatives.
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 How To Become An Intern With Global Aid Direct

The application process requires completing an online application within Global Aid Direct recruitment system. This profile covers your education, current studies, language skills and computer knowledge and experience. To apply online, look for individual internship postings on our website, or click here to apply online.

Applying for funding can be time-consuming and complicated, so interns are advised to start their funding search well in advance. When applying for funding, you are likely to be requested to provide proof of offer stating that you have been accepted for an internship with Global Aid Direct. If you have been accepted for an internship with Global Aid Direct, and thereby eligible to join the intern community, additional information will be provided to you to aid you in identifying sources of funding.  
The completed online application will be automatically uploaded into the Global Aid Direct Internship database, which is accessed by Global Aid Direct field offices globally. If you are applying for more than one location, the online application will give you options to do so. 

You are encouraged to supply a Cover Letter to articulate your motivation for seeking a Global Aid Direct Internship (maximum length - 3 paragraphs). In this letter describe what type of project you feel you could contribute while interning with Global Aid Direct. Tell us about your ideas. As part of your covering letter, include your dates of availability and any additional information to facilitate the selection process.  
Due to the high number of applications received, we will not be able to respond to each and every application. When you complete the online application, which requires your Resume as attachments, you will receive an acknowledgement email with a copy of the online application form you submitted attached to it. For queries and questions, please send an-mail to Global Aid Direct at interns@globalaiddirect.org. 

All applications for Global Aid Direct Internships are acknowledged when received and are made available to technical units for review. The period of time for this review is indeterminate. If you do not hear from a Global Aid Direct technical unit in a reasonable period of time (say 2-3 months after the application closing date), assume that you will not be considered for a Global Aid Direct internship at this time. 

If selected for a Global Aid Direct Internship, you will be required to provide certified copies of proof of enrollment in a course of studies and proof of personal medical insurance (illness) coverage.

As an important reminder, Global Aid Direct Internships are not paid. Living abroad is expensive and finding accommodations can be challenging. All intern candidates should be aware of these factors before they consider applying for a Global Aid Direct Internship. Global Aid Direct does not provide financial support, so interns are encouraged to seek funding from other external sources. 

Note: Global Aid Direct does not charge for internships. If you have any questions about programs that "facilitate" your obtaining an internship but require the paying of money, please contact: interns@globalaiddirect.org.   
Warning: If selected for an internship and you are identifying accommodations in your assigned country, do NOT make advance payments or provide guarantee sums in advance of your arrival. This is particularly important if someone asks you to wire funds through Western Union or a bank outside of your assign country. Never wire money at the request of any prospective "landlord" via Western Union, Money Gram, or any other wire service. Even if they tell you to wire the funds to a friend or relative's name "to be safe", it is a trap! Never send a scan of your passport or other ID. These thieves will use your identity to scam others. There are some situations where you may need to send funds - a reasonable amount of one or two months’ rent - to secure a place to stay. Be careful.
If in doubt, please write interns@globalaiddirect.org with your query. Please note that all applications will remain active for a period of twelve months. Intern applicants not offered an internship based on their initial application are encouraged to re-apply after this period. When you are ready to apply, please select one area within Global Aid Direct.

For more Information on the Internship Program, please see the Frequently Asked Questions. 

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