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Global Aid Direct believes that volunteering and international cooperation makes a unique contribution to development effectiveness.
Global Aid Direct – Helping People Reach  Their Highest Potential
Take Action For Development, Volunteer Your Services 

Global Aid Direct Volunteers Program includes delivery of basic services, disaster prevention and recovery. 
Improves Basic Social Services 

The work of Global Aid Direct Volunteers consist of improving basic social services by developing the capacity of local, institutional and national authorities to deliver services; and developing the capacity of communities themselves to make best use of these services.

Improves Accountability 

They also improve accountability, and build participation so that the people who benefit from them are included in the planning and provision of social services; Strengthen local governance by promoting inclusive participation of citizens in local development cycles, and promote access to basic services.
Supports A Multidimensional Recovery Process 

In the aftermath of disaster, Global Aid Direct Volunteers work to support a multidimensional recovery process that focuses on livelihoods, shelter, governance, the environment and various social dimensions, including the reintegration of displaced populations.
Helps Communities Gain Access To Healthcare  

In the primary healthcare sector, Global Aid Direct seeks volunteers that range from child and maternal health care to nutrition, reproductive health, health education including HIV/AIDS awareness, and sanitation. Global Aid Direct volunteer health workers  make a big difference by helping communities gain access to healthcare, and by educating people about preventing infection. They can also organize and manage community literacy and life-skills education services and provide 'training-of-trainer' programs to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of functional literacy teachers.
Helps Alleviate the Plight of People In Desperate Situation  

Global Aid Direct Volunteers live in the communities in which they serve and – importantly - are being perceived as politically and socially neutral. Global Aid Direct Volunteers, being non-threatening and global citizens, greatly facilitate the building of bridges between various groups by promoting dialogue and building confidence and trust amongst them. Global Aid Direct Volunteers are often at the forefront of humanitarian operations, both because of the skills and expertise they bring to help alleviate the plight of people in desperate situations, but also because their volunteer commitment and status brings a little extra to recovery processes. 
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