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​An internship with Global Aid Direct is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom and enables the student to gain practical experience as a professional under conditions conducive to educational development.
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Placement Probability

Global Aid Direct internship Program seeks to match successful applicants with assignments that fit closely with their academic background and stated areas of interest. The internship assignments may include working for program areas such as Global Aid Direct programs in Africa, America, Asia Eastern Europe and the Middle East. These programs cover all of Global Aid Direct sectors including Social and Economic Policy, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Adolescent Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Planning, Communication for Development, Public-sector Alliances & Resource Mobilization, Emergency Program, Water and Environmental Sanitation (WES), Income Generation, Health, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, Child Protection, Education, Agriculture, Finance and Administration, Supply/Logistics, Information Communication Technology, Human Resources, Emergency Response, Advocacy and External Relations, Economic Development, Human Settlement, Program Support (HR, IT, Procurement) and other program areas critical to Global Aid Direct. Internships also address organizational needs such as leading organizational development processes or global initiatives such as partnership or change management strategies. We welcome and encourage highly accomplished undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students who are supported by an academic institution, foundation, corporation, or other agency to apply for our internships. Internship assignments generally range in duration from a period of two months to twelve months.
Global Aid Direct internship program is about helping people make their lives better in the longer term, addressing the deeper issues that can impede human development. All around the world, Global Aid Direct interns help people to live more productive, fulfilling and creative lives through quality education and improved healthcare, or by ensuring equitable access to resources and sustainable practices.
Global Aid Direct assignments are exciting and rewarding, but living conditions can be difficult or at times dangerous. Many Global Aid Direct Interns work in remote, isolated duty stations. We encourage you to read and fully understand the conditions of Service and eligibility requirements for our internship program before you continue the application process.  
Though Global Aid Direct assignments can be very rewarding, interns thus need to be prepared to be deployed to difficult places and they need to be able to adjust to fast-changing living and working circumstances. They need to be aware that they may not have a choice regarding their duty station (it is determined by operational requirements, not personal preferences); and that their final duty station may only be known after they have been recruited and have arrived on the ground. 
Career Opportunities

As indicated above, the purpose of The Global Aid Direct internship program is not to lead to further employment with Global Aid Direct but, to complement an intern's studies. However, a number of interns, having completed their studies and met the necessary requirements, have gone on to further assignments with Global Aid Direct. About 15% of Global Aid Direct interns are offered additional opportunities to work with the organization
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